Atletico De San Luis’ President Is Almost Fully Recovered From Covid-19

The first sports related
case of coronavirus to be reported in Mexico was Atlético de San Luis’
president Alberto Marrero and the club reporter he is recovering.

Atletico De San Luis’ President Is Almost Fully Recovered From Covid-19 1

week Atlético de San Luis’ president Alberto Marrero tested positive to
coronavirus and he was the first sports related case to be reported in
Mexico. Marrero got the virus after he came back from a work related
trip to Spain and this Tuesday the club confirmed that their president
is almost fully recovered from the virus.

The head of the
medical department of Atlético de San Luis Emanuel Díaz León talked with
ESPN and he confirmed the good news, “Alberto is doing well and he is
recovering. We will keep him isolated and monitor his health until the
virus is completely gone and he should be released in the next few days.
His fever is now gone but he still presents some symptoms that we will
keep watching until they are gone.”

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It was first though that
Marrero had contracted the virus in Spain but the doctors also tested
the rest of his family and all the results came negative. So now they
don’t know where he got the coronavirus because he also attended the
week 10 game between Atlético de San Luis and Puebla over two weeks ago.

didn’t know where he got it from and we thought it was from his trip to
Spain since they are one of the most affected countries in the world
but none of his family members got the virus. Honestly he could’ve
gotten it anywhere, maybe in the airport, because when he got back to
Mexico he seemed healthy. He really started to show the Covid-19
symptoms last Sunday night,” explained the doctor.

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After the
health department investigated Alberto Marrero’s case, they tested at
least 45 people who were in contact with him, including Atlético de San
Luis’ players and staff, and all results came out negative.

have been in constant communication with the health department for the
last three weeks. Fortunately no one from the team has contracted the
coronavirus and we are keeping a close eye on everyone at the club.”