Boateng Remembers Being ‘Humiliated’ By Messi In The Champions League

There are moments that go
down in football history. A lot of those moments can be attributed to
the best player of all time, Barcelona forward Lionel Messi. 

Boateng Remembers Being ‘Humiliated’ By Messi In The Champions League 1

of them came in the Champions League semifinal win over Bayern Munich
in 2015. As the five year anniversary of that game looms, the Bayern
defender, Jerome Boateng, has been asked about his involvement in the

The German international, for one of the goals in
Barça’s 3-0 win, was turned inside out by Messi, who dropped him to the
ground. It spawned a number of viral videos and memes, including Boateng
falling into a black hole as he collapsed. 

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Boateng has been reminded of the moment in a question and answer session on his Twitter account — and he took it quite well. 

“Honestly I would love to see each one of you defending against Messi,” he wrote.  

years have passed and Boateng, who joined Bayern from Man City in 2011,
would like to be remembered for a more significant moment in his club’s

In the answer, Boateng doesn’t hide his
admiration for Messi, who briefly played alongside his brother last
year, Kevin Prince Boateng, who joined Barça on a six-month loan deal. 

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