Justin Trudeau Now Wears Face-masks (photos)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will wear a mask in public when he cannot keep two metres of distance from others, a step that the country’s top doctor now recommends Canadians embrace.

Justin Trudeau Now Wears Face-masks (photos) 1

Speaking to reporters in Ottawa Wednesday, Trudeau called it a “personal choice” that is in line with advice from public health experts. Still, keeping socially distant, staying home when sick, and washing one’s hands remain “the best thing” for Canadians to keep doing to stem the spread of COVID-19, he said.

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“But in situations where you cannot physically distance to two metres… people are encouraged to wear masks,” he said.
Trudeau said he chose to start wearing a face-covering when he comes into closer proximity with people, be it walking the halls of Parliament or heading to his office.

Justin Trudeau Now Wears Face-masks (photos) 2

The prime minister said he would wear a mask into the House of Commons Wednesday for the in-person sitting of a special COVID-19 committee.
“Once I am at my desk in Parliament and two metres separate from everyone else, I will take off my mask so I can engage in parliamentary discourse. But as soon as I leave my seat and walk past people, and walk through potentially busier hallways, I will be wearing a mask,” he said.

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“That is my personal choice. That is aligned, I think, with what public health is recommending. I think we all need to adjust to what works in our circumstances and keep safety at the forefront of what we are doing.”

Source:- Huffington Post